U.S. Rep. Joe Barton Speaks Out About Online Poker

Congressman Joe Barton on Online Poker regulation

Congressman Joe Barton wants online poker, and he wants it regulated. Take a look at this video to see what Joe has to say about online poker and why we should legalize and regulate it. Congressman Barton talks about Obama’s poker skills and says that Reagan helped finance his first campaign with money he won in a poker game.

U.S. Poker Market Gets Regulated; At Least It’s A Start

The Regulated US Poker Market Emerges In Some States

Online poker is getting regulated … and although I’m not much of a fan of regulation, at least it’s a start to getting more gaming options on the table across the country.
PR Newswire just sent out a press release noting how happy they were to see a regulated online poker market emerging in some states.
Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada have all passed bills regulating online poker.
Best of all, on May 1st UltimatePoker in Nevada became the first online poker room regulated in the US.
Other states are following suit … or at least thinking about it. In Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Mississippi, there is some hope that the state will take action to regulate online poker so it will be easier for American players to play to their hearts content.
There’s also a new federal online gambling bill being carried in Congress by U.S. Rep. Peter T. King, Republican Congressman from New York. Another federal proposal may be in the offing.
There are still problems. Player liquidity may cause issues between small states and large states and when money starts crossing state borders, it’s hard for folks to agree on the rules.
The two major hurdles for more states to jump on the regulation bandwagon have to deal with convincing bigger states to learn to share when it comes to poker cash. The thinking, according to the Press Release by the Bodog Network,  is that poker operators in smaller states will struggle but if they are allowed to offer other products that do not rely on player liquidity, e.g. online casinos, even operators in small states can be successful.
And we’ve got to agree with Bodog’s analysis that the potential market size for online casinos is much bigger than for online poker rooms. Of the three states mentioned above Delaware and New Jersey will allow online casino games but Nevada will not. Online casino play is also part of Peter T. King’s federal bill but that will make it even less likely for that bill to pass.
Nevada, with a population of only 2.7m, is instead hoping that they can persuade the big neighbour California to join their player liquidity and that would, of course, be a dream scenario for Nevada but, again, why would they? There would be nothing in it for California, especially as they have well documented financial problems of their own to solve.
California has a population of 37m people, and The Golden State does not have to worry about player liquidity. If California were a country it would be the 12(th) biggest economy in the world. If California were to regulate online poker, and there is talk about it, it would create a California Gold Rush for the online poker industry. Everybody would want to have a piece of the action. If poker operators would do things right from the start and launch with a recreational poker model instead of trying to implement it later, California alone is potentially a billion dollar market.

“TheWacoKidd” Pockets Cool Half Million In World Series of Poker Event

31-year-old Jared Hamby is known to the online poker community as “TheWacoKidd.”

Now the former Baylor University student, who gave up school to gamble on his skills with the cards, has pocketed $525,272 and picked up a coveted gold bracelet by winning a World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas.

The win brings his winnings to $2.220,282.


Hamby found it hard to conceal his excitement. Following his impressive win, he tweeted to his fans: “We did it! Feels like a dream come true, because it is. Send the WSOP bracelet + 525k my way. Thanks so much for all the sweats and congrats.”

Born in Elkhart, Indiana, Hamby moved to Waco where he bgan playing mixed poker games at the age of 13. Three years ago he began playing hold ‘em.

He started by playing low stakes limit online and built up his bankroll and then quickly gained success in live tournaments.

In 2007, Hamby began to get recognized, taking down three World Poker Tour preliminary events. including two no-limit events at the Five Star World Poker Classic and another at the Mirage Poker Showdown.

At the WPT Mandalay Bay Poker Championship, he made a run at a main event title but finished runner up. He has nearly $1.8 million in tournament winnings.

According to the World Series of Poker website, Hamby overcame a big chip deficit to win Event #40 No-Limit Hold’em after beating more than 2,100 other players in three days on the way to his first WSOP championship.

“I just tried to make the best decisions I could all tournament long,” Hamby told media after winning the event. “I passed up a lot of spots where I could have gambled, and I didn’t.”

The WSOP $1,500 NL event attracted a good sized field to create a prize pool worth $2,917,350. Amongst the notable names booking a cash at the tournament was Roberto Romanello in 191st ($2,888), Max Lykov in 170th ($3,150), David Sklansky in 157th ($3,150), Andrew Lichtenberger in 52nd ($8,372), Kara Scott in 17th ($18,700), and Allen Cunningham in 10th ($29,961).

After the final table of nine was set, Hamby eliminated Richard Dubini in 7th ($66,544), and Matt Berkey in 6th ($89,008), before eventually beating Peter Hengsakul heads-up to claim the WSOP bracelet.

The final table payouts were as follows: 1 Jared Hamby — $525,272 2 Peter Hengsakul — $325,780 3 Allan Vrooman — $230,178 4 Nicolas Fierro — $165,501 5 Joao Dorneles Neto — $120,574 6 Matt Berkey — $89,008 7 Richard Dubini — $66,544 8 Fred Berger — $50,382 9 David Nicholson — $38,625.

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